Welcome to Nantong Meng Han Fei Bedding Co., Ltd.!

      Nantong dream Han Fei bedding company limited company unlimited vitality, unlimited possibilities, unlimited development. Our company's tenet is: integrity is the way to survive. Quality is the foundation of business. Lean is the way of development. It's a home textile brand bedding company for home life.

      The aesthetical series of bedding has always been the pursuit of perfection. We have a large number of professional designers, with an open and integrated design concept, combined with the fashion elements of Europe and America, to carry forward the long history of China's home textile industry and give vitality and vitality to it. The high and new production equipment, the ever-changing needling method, deduces the wonderful life beauty. The four piece sets of various styles and fabrics have been developed for the main part. They not only coagulate the achievements of technological innovation, but also reflect the humane care of meticulous and meticulous, so that perfect artworks can be brought into common people's homes. To serve the public, to innovate life, to advocate a "new concept of healthy sleep", and to achieve the brand of "Aesthetical home textile", which keeps pace with the times. We have a complete set of textile industry chain that is supplied by the textile industry, to the printing and dyeing, to the processing and packaging. Increase investment, extend the industrial chain, there will be wind and waves, sail sea. In the tide of market economy, the aesthetical home textile is facing the sun, facing the hope and sailing the sail. Welcome to wholesale.
Our mission: to improve the user experience with continuous innovation and become the leader of the more competitive home textile enterprise program in the world
Our values: to customer value oriented, adhere to innovation, continuous innovation, gratitude, dedication, cooperation!